Find a Family for My Baby

Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy alone? Do you feel that you are unable to give the baby the best life possible? Are you interested in placing your baby with adoptive parents who are unable to have their own child? Have you been searching the phrase ‘find a family for my baby’ but don't know who you can trust? If this sounds like your situation, we can help. At An Angel Above Adoptions, we work together to find the best adoptive family for every baby. We have the skills and experience to match prospective parents with women looking to give up their babies. If you live in San Rafael, CA, Daly City, or anywhere in the greater metro region, and you are interested in finding adoptive parents for your baby, give us a call. You can view a list of all of our services online at

The adoption specialists at An Angel Above Adoptions understand how difficult pregnancy can be, especially if it is unplanned and you don't know what you want to do. We work together with you to provide you with the medical and emotional support you need during this time. We can set up a meeting with potential adoptive parents so you can choose the ones you want to adopt your baby. If you prefer, we can match your baby with the perfect adoptive parents using our knowledge gained from more than 20 years’ experience. No matter what you decide, you will have the full support from us at An Angel Above Adoptions.

When you started looking for an agency that could find a family for my baby, you weren't sure what to expect. By calling the experts at An Angel Above Adoptions, you will get the confidential, caring assistance you need during this difficult time. We work with families in San Rafael, CA, Fairfield, and throughout the greater area. Check us out at for more information. Contact us today for help.